I love the Americans! Deren unkompliziert optimistischer Self-help-Tradition habe ich viel zu danken. So kann ich auch das neue Buch von Jennifer-Campbell (www.heritagememoirs.ca) allen empfehlen, die sich als Auftragsbiographen ein zweites Standbein oder später eine Vollexistenz aufbauen wollen. Wer eine vertiefte Ausbildung sucht, findet in der Akademie des Biographiezentrums passende Angebote zur Professionalisierung.

Aus der Verlagsinformation: The preservation of family memories is gaining popularity as a business opportunity. The recording of family memories into a handsome bound book for posterity is gaining popularity – especially at a time when digital photos often remain just that. “S&R a Personal History Business” shows in detail how to create such a profitable business by helping individual families, communities, and even businesses preserve their heritage. Readers are shown how to open a business that helps those groups research the past, record stories and facts, and how to memorialize it all. The author takes readers through every stage of start-up and development including: assessment; start-up; education & training; business foundations; a step-by-step guide to producing your first project; marketing; sales; expansion, and more!

Über den Autor
Jennifer Campbell is a professional writer, editor, personal historian and owner/operator of Heritage Memoirs, a successful personal history business.