“Amerika, du hast es besser….”, denke ich oft, wenn ich aktuelle Autorenratgeber aus den USA lese, um sie für den deutschen Markt zu nutzen. Inhaltlich müssen wir Germanen uns nicht verstecken, auch wenn uns die merkantile Frische fehlt, die die amerikanischen How-to-Publikationen eigen ist. Beim Marketing lohnt es sich, auch mal einen Blick nach drüben zu den Kollegen der Personal Historians zu werfen.

Auffällig bei den US-Autorenratgebern ist, dass sie graphisch durchwegs besser gestaltet sind als die deutschen Bücher. Das liegt vielleicht an den höheren Auflagen, die ediert werden und dadurch ein höheres Produktions-Budget rechtfertigen. Auch dieser neue Ratgeber von Cynthia Hart für alle Hobby- und Berufsbiographen ist ein optischer und inhaltlicher Augenschmaus.

Cynthia Hart, with Lisa Samson
The Oral History Workshop
Collect and Celebrate the Life Stories of Your Family and Friends
Workman Publishing 2009

Aus der Verlagsinformation:  We all know that we should ask now, before it’s too late, before the stories are gone forever. But knowing and doing are two different things. Cynthia Hart, author of “Cynthia Hart’s Scrapbook Workshop”, shows exactly how to collect, record, share, and preserve a family member’s oral history in this practical and inspirational guide. “Tell Me Your Story” breaks down what too often feels like an overwhelming project into a series of easily manageable steps: how to prepare for an interview; how to become a better listener; why there’s always more beneath the surface and the questions to ask to get there; the pros and cons of video recording, including how your subjects should dress so the focus is on their words; four steps to keeping the interview on track; how to be attentive to your subject’s energy levels; and, the art of archiving or scrapbooking the interview into a finished keepsake.

At the heart of the book are hundreds of questions designed to cover every aspect of your subject’s history: Do you remember when and how you learned to read? Who in your life showed you the most kindness? What insights have you gained about your parents over the years? Would you describe yourself as an optimist or a pessimist? In what ways were you introduced to music? What is the first gift you remember giving? If you could hold on to one memory forever, what would it be? When the answers are pieced together, a mosaic appears – a living history.

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